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We aim to positively promote the wellbeing of children and are committed to safeguarding and child protection at all times. TCES Home Learning expects all its staff to share this commitment. 

The welfare of our students is paramount, and we fully comply with the compliance and requirements of Working Together to Safeguard Children (2018), and those of Merton Safeguarding Children Partnership. 

TCES Home Learning staff are rigorously vetted in line with Safer Recruitment practice guidance, as outlined in chapter 6 of London Child Protection procedures. 

All staff at TCES Home Learning are informed of our process for handling complaints and related issues that may arise during tuition and are provided appropriate training by TCES Home Learning. Staff are also required to adhere to TCES Home Learning’s Code of Conduct.

In view of their daily contact with children, staff working through TCES Home Learning may be well placed to notice concerns and emerging leads in relation to abuse or neglect. It is their duty and responsibility to report these concerns to a Designated Safeguarding Lead. 

If staff have a reason to believe that a young person is at risk of abuse, then the safety and welfare of that child has to be the paramount consideration in deciding which action needs to be taken. Anyone receiving our services will be made aware that certain information may not be confidential, if this relates to a safeguarding issue. 

Information may be shared on a "need to know in order to safeguard children" basis. We will always share information in line with the statutory guidance, "Information sharing: advice for practitioners". 

If there is an allegation or concern raised in relation to staff that relates to a safeguarding matter, it will be immediately reported to the Head of Safeguarding at TCES Group, who will act in accordance with chapter 7 of the London Childcare Procedures and Working Together to Safeguard Children (2018). 

TCES Home Learning ensure that all staff are aware and fully compliant with our safeguarding policy and procedures, and have completed safeguarding training. If you have any queries in relation to safeguarding at TCES Home Learning you can contact our Designated Safeguarding Lead on 020 8543 7878.

To view a copy of our safeguarding procedures, please read the document provided below.