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  • TCES Home Learning - A Response to School-Based Anxiety

    Published 22/12/20

    In early December, The Complete Education Solution (TCES) hosted its first webinar for educational professionals, parents, carers and local authority representatives alike.

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  • Parent survey highlights success of distance learning

    Published 24/11/20

    The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on the education sector with schools and services having to quickly adapt to the new digital-only climate. At The Complete Education Solution (TCES), the majority of our services moved online during lockdown, providing remote learning to our pupils and thus ensuring that they were kept actively engaged during this crucial period.

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  • Top tips for learning from home

    Published 17/11/20

    Although the home setting is less likely to evoke attendance-induced anxiety, how does one successfully implement effective learning in the home? Learning from home can have its own challenges, so we have devised our Five Top Tips for Home Learning: 

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