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Education provided by TCES National Online School follows a therapeutic model of learning which places equal emphasis on academic, social, emotional, and personal development as measures of success. We recognise the benefits of structured academic teaching whilst dealing sensitively with individual needs through our highly therapeutic curriculum.

We understand that many of students referred have had multiple exclusions from mainstream and other specialist provisions, and as a result, have significant gaps in their learning. Every student is routinely assessed on entry and follows a personalised learning package designed to address their academic, social, and emotional needs.

We deliver full-time education services nationally, providing that the Local Authority or County Council accept that this will be delivered through distance learning. The National Online School will attend a reasonable number of meetings remotely or provide reports and will provide the full range of services outlined in this contract but on a distance learning and virtual basis. The school is available for any young person from any part of the country for whom mainstream education has proved challenging. This may be for multiple and complex reasons, but we hold the belief that every child has the right to broad and balanced education and opportunities to achieve.

"His confidence to sit exams in a home setting, He would never have taken any exams in normal setting, his academic progress is amazing."



The National Online School offers short-term one-to-one and small group-based distance education to children and young people between the ages of 5-25 currently without school-based SEN provision in London. Whether a child or young person is awaiting a placement from a TCES school, another school or service, or is without an integration plan, the school offers immediate support for a young person’s educational and personal development.

The National Online School offers long term distance learning to students should they require more time. In some cases, students will remain and graduate with us. They have the option to join our Post 16 provision which provides an EHCP outcomes focussed course as well as further education.

Our school is 100 percent online, but we view it very much as a learning community in which students, staff, parents, carers, and stakeholders are made to feel welcome, valued, and safe. Every young person is unique with their own special talents, and we help develop these in a calm and respectful online environment, with clear rules and a fair understanding of one another. We provide every student with an individualised programme which will support their transition into the school environment.

Opportunities to develop

Our students are provided with opportunities to develop self-esteem, interpersonal and social skills as well as to make positive choices in respect of their behaviour both in and out of their lessons. We believe it is possible for every student, perhaps for the first time, to enjoy their education and achieve their potential, so they can hope and plan for a better future.

The curriculum offer is a collaborative process, devised in conjunction with parents/carers, the young person, and our specialist team. This will be dynamic and personalised and may change over time according to positive engagement levels and increasing confidence to meet the needs and abilities of each student, which, so far as is reasonably practicable gives students experience in linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological, human and social, physical, and aesthetic and creative education through our core subjects of Maths, English and Science and Humanities, PSHE, RSE and our LIFE programme (Leadership Skills, Independence Skills, Future Options and Empowerment). There are opportunities to develop relationships with peers through class-based learning, assemblies and informal extracurricular activities.

Our experienced and qualified therapy team offers Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy and psychodynamic therapies (e.g. Art and Drama Therapy) based on our assessments of each child’s need.