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Working with families

Our collaborative approach Parent and Carer Voice and Participation

Our education team works collaboratively with all our stakeholders to create a truly personalised online education programme, which can include therapy, where required. However, we recognise that you, the Parents, Carers, and families are the experts in knowing your children and young people, and we adhere to our Community Value of ‘Genuine Student, and Parent Voice and Participation’.

We believe in the concept of Relational Pedagogy, which equips learners to become partners in their education, and we fully recognise that voice and decision-making have never been so compromised as during the Pandemic. Therefore, If children and young people have experienced limited opportunities to have a say and feel in control, which are the building blocks of identity formation, TCES National Online School will want both the students own and their parents co-production in their education and indeed in their wellness.

The online education programme will be regularly reviewed to ensure that it continues to meet the child or young person’s needs. Programmes are offered for a minimum of 6 weeks and depending on the stage that students are at and their individual needs, can see students through their GCSE or A Level courses, or indeed re-integrated back into mainstream schools or onwards into mainstream colleges, with minimum support.