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About TCES

TCES National Online School is part of the award winning organisation, The Complete Education Solution (TCES), which is a social enterprise providing independent education through Good schools and specialist services for neurodiverse pupils aged 7 to 19.

Based in London and the South East, but covering the UK, the majority of our places are funded by Local Authorities. We are committed to achieving the best outcome for each pupil and their family through access to outstanding education and family support.

Over two decades of sector-leading therapeutic education and pupil leadership

For the last 23 years we have provided sector-leading therapeutic education and a pupil leadership curriculum across our two day-schools and TCES Nurture Prep and Create in the Community services, which work with more complex pupils who need intensive support as part of our ‘step down’ model.

TCES National Online School provides a full curriculum for children who are unable to physically attend school for a variety of reasons, including severe anxiety and emotional based school avoidance.

From Isolation to Independence

Most of our pupils present with significant complexity and co-morbidity linked to adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) including childhood trauma or secondary trauma linked to family marginalisation, loss of homes or relationships or pupil bullying and multiple exclusions.

On joining us, pupils will have already — on average — experienced three permanent exclusions, been out of full-time education for up to 15 months and are recognised to be substantially at risk of being unemployed, developing severe mental health problems and potential involvement with the criminal justice system later in life.

Between three and five years after leaving a TCES school or service, 90% of our students are in education, training or employment, going on to study at college and university and pursuing careers in social care, retail and theatre amongst others.

No exclusions - we never give up!

Our authentic commitment to inclusion has enabled us to work with over 3,000 children and young people, and we have never permanently excluded a single child — fixed term exclusions have also been reduced to zero. We do not exclude pupils. 

Threat of exclusion is not an effective deterrent. We have seen time and again how it simply further ostracises children and young people who need our support. Goldsmiths University of London carried out independent research exploring our approach and concluded that our 'never give up' attitude and refusal to exclude was “highly effective in transforming our pupils lives educationally, emotionally and socially.”