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Complete Home Learning

TCES Home Learning is able to provide our pupils with a complete timetable through a combination of face-to-face and distance lessons taught on an individual or group basis. Our Complete Home Learning option is most suitable for pupils unable to access full-time group education for longer periods of time due to complex needs or those awaiting the outcome of a tribunal. 

As with our short-term options, the aim of Complete Home Learning is to prepare pupils for transition into permanent placements in group education or training. 

Complete Home Learning is split into two bands, Standard and Enhanced, both of which offer an allocated teacher and Therapeutic Educational Practitioner. Our Enhanced package also offers a specialist subject teacher, on top of support in core subjects of English and Maths. 

As well as our core subjects offer of English and Maths, Complete Home Learning provides opportunities for engagement and enrichment such as health, fitness and wellbeing, creative arts projects and Distance Therapy. We also offer our Complete Home Learning pupils the opportunity to engage in our L.I.F.E (Leadership, Independence skills, Financial awareness, and Enterprise/Employability) programme which can lead pupils to further qualifications, roles and experiences.